• GSM roaming services

    GSM roaming services

    Thanks to our technology, visitors of Seafone’s network, experience crystal clear voice for inbound and outbound calls throughout hundreds of roaming agreements with the world’s largest Mobile Network Operators. Visitors can place or receive calls and SMS from their own mobile phone, seamless, just as they would do while traveling abroad.

  • Dedicated SIM card plans

    Dedicated SIM card plans

    Seafone offers post and pre-paid SIM cards with dedicated plans from crew members staying for prolonged periods on board, willing to avoid high roaming charges. These cards can be used while on board into Seafone’s network. Further, Seafone delivers SIM card plans for large Cruise operators to be sold exclusively on board to their passengers in order to avoid high roaming charges.

  • Antenna icon

    Near-to-Shore and IoT

    Thanks to our fully redundant mobile network, while crossing in distances up to 100nm from shore, we can link your ship to the shore based cellular networks and access high speed internet service at very affordable rates. Seafone provides 3G, 4G, 5G service range, with a multi IMSI technique, which allows to have a complete worldwide coverage, with several providers in each country, ensuring a strong fallback capacity at best rates possible.

  • Maritime Social Media Apps

    Maritime Social Media Apps

    Seafone, in association with key partners offers tailor-made to maritime environment VoiP application. VoiSea is the world’s first free, most advanced, satellite-based maritime communications app. It enables access to free HD video, SMS and voice calls at sea and other remote locations, all whilst keeping bandwidth consumption to a minimum. And our platform may offer services such as On-board navigation and Face tracker.

  • Scalable Entertainment Systems

    Scalable Entertainment Systems

    Seafone’s entertainment system targets both passengers and crew members. It is an interactive server that offers content such as live-TV, very recent on demand films, music via audio streaming, various games, messaging services and a real-time interactive tool to create a social network. Services can be accessed on any kind of personal devices, in-cabin TVs and various screens across the vessels.

  • Wi-Fi & VSAT Management tools

    Wi-Fi & VSAT Management tools

    Seafone offers a dedicated Wi-Fi service using scratch-cards, linked to the existing VSAT systems of the vessel or if needed by fitting a separate VSAT antenna. Because bandwidth at sea is a key element, Seafone’s service comes with a complex management tool that allows intelligent handling of the Data stream to improve perceived quality by controlling any type of service, application, content and so on.