Seafone’s cellular systems covers crew and passengers, enabling them to use their own smartphones and mobile devices, like iPads under roaming principle or via dedicated SIM cards with cost-effective monthly plans. On board generated revenues are shared with the ship owner, creating an unmatched revenue stream while delivering state of the art service and keeping passengers and crew happy.

Seafone’s cutting edge wireless service includes the entire network, distributed antenna system and international roaming agreements for call terminations around the world.

Seafone owns, operates, and supports the entire service as long as it remains available on board.

Seafone offers various value-added services, such as the “on board locator” which helps passengers find their way and access to various information for the life while cruising, or the “Child tracking” system.

Further, our service enables ship operators to keep in touch with every mobile phone user while on board. Locally or remotely generated informative messages are delivered to any kind of device, for marketing, promotions, third-party advertisements or any other desired information. Seafone offers a unique communication channel between your vessel and customers: prior the cruise, during and even after.

Our wireless network is also an excellent mean to keep close connectivity between headquarters and staff on board.

For crew members we offer affordable SIM card monthly plans with dedicated phone numbers to help them stay in contact with friends and family whilst getting very attractive call and data rates.